Unlock the Surreal


Take a trip into avant-guarde with this luminous collection of stories tenuously connected by keys. Sometimes it is best things are left locked, but in these stories, you will hope that the characters turn the lock, so you can see what might be. Modern fairy tales that read as stories and pieces of art come alive, echoes of surrealist painting, nightmares, and unknown worlds firmly grounded in the real will keep you spellbound. So much to discuss and so much to try to decipher, a literary fiction book club pick that mustn’t be missed. -BCA Continue reading “Unlock the Surreal”

Ten minutes to laughter…

American Housewife CoverCasual murders in a brownstone, deadly decorating wars, a reality show revolt, rehabilitating pageant kids who many or may not be willing, and a book club with unique benefits are just a few of the situations that Helen Ellis spins with sharp satire, leaving you laughing, groaning, and saying amen. Do not miss this collection of short, short stories. Addictive and stunningly spot-on, once you start you won’t be able to put it down. Begging to be shared, this little book is going to be one of this year’s big things. -Ms. Alderman

Helen graciously answered some questions for me! Just like her book, her answers left me laughing, thinking, and eagerly awaiting her next book! Read on for her frank talk on writing, feminism, and how to type with a cat who thinks it’s a parrot… Continue reading “Ten minutes to laughter…”