Punk Rock Book Club

imageSometimes a dream will not die. Sometimes you get a second chance. Journey with Anna through Europe and her soul as she tries in middle age to capture something she thought was forever lost. What can’t you give up? What can’t you live without? Disappear into this book and your own desires.

An NPR Best Book of 2014
A “Time” Top Ten Fiction Book of 2014
A “New York Times Book Review” Editors Choice
A BBC Top Ten Book of 2014

Anna Brundage is a rock star. She was an overnight indie sensation, but lost her fame just as fast as she found it. Now forty-four, she pours everything into a comeback, selling her famous father’s art to finance an album and a European tour. “A “riveting look at the life of a musician and the moving story of a woman’s unconventional path, “Wonderland” is a glimpse of how it feels when a wish just might come true.

From http://www.brazosbookstore.com/

Discussion Questions:

What is life to Anna?

Why do you think she is doing a comeback tour?

What role does her father play in her art?

Do you think drugs help or hinder Anna?

What is the significane of her NYC apt?

What do you think Anna is looking for?

Do you think she finds it?

Try to look at Anna’s choices through who you are now (and if older) who you used to be or (if younger) what you think you might do. Would you make the same choices? Why or why not?

What would you try again if you could?


Published by

Christine Thomas Alderman

Christine Thomas Alderman is a writer and educator working in Texas. She holds a graduate degree from Harvard University. Her work was long-listed for the Bath Flash Fiction Award and included in their anthology: To Carry Her Home. She won the Cynthia Leitich Smith mentorship from the Austin Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Find her at www.christinethomasalderman.com

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