Gillian Flynn Instant Book Club

Have a month your book club is short on time? This read is quick, but the questions you have about it will beg to be discussed. What really happened in that house? Who was telling the truth? Or just read this book tonight, and you will be up late calling friends to talk about it. Instant book club!

Once again, Gillian Flynn has created characters and situations that make us squirm, and yet we just can’t turn away. Download it tonight, or meet your local indie bookseller first thing in the morning, snatch it up and read it over brunch, you will not be able to stop talking about it. -Ms.Alderman

And if you haven’t already, read the rest of her work. (in order of my favorites, which was so hard to do- I love them all)  Turn off Netflix and do some binge-reading!




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