“Boy or Girl? Yes.”

 From the first few pages, you are going to wonder about Riley. Is Riley a boy or girl? The more you get to know Riley, the more you will wonder why you have to know.


This is a book about young adults, that should be read by teenagers and adults alike. Set in high school, the issues in this book transcend setting and age.  In a time of Caitlyn Jenner’s debut and frequent violence against the trans community and other people who don’t fit into neat little boxes, this book is part of an important discussion. Whose business is someone’s gender identity or sexuality? Do you have to fully understand something to accept it? You will be asking questions and discussing this book long after you finish the pages.

Great resources and more information at the end of the book.

Find it or order online at Brazos Bookstore

Click for Discussion Guide

Need help now? Contact the Trevor Project  (@TrevorProject)


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Christine Thomas Alderman

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